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Charlie was missing for 100 days in Columbia, MD. Went missing on September 20, 2018, Elaine started working with him on August 24,2018

Hello Elaine, 

I just wanted you to know that I did put in for free healings, and we found our Charlie. He was in the neighborhood that you said that you saw him and on the map drowsing. Someone finally saw one of my postings on an online neighborhoods social media site called Next Door, was sure she had seen him in her backyard and called me. We had several days of terrible rain. On Wednesday when the rain stopped and we had a beautiful sky and a sunny afternoon I thought this is just the Kind of day that Charlie likes. To lay out in the sun. So I went over to the neighborhood, parked my car, called him very briefly, heard the bells on his collar, called again and he came running to me meowing the whole way. Has some injuries, a deep laceration caused by his collar which wrapped around underneath a fore-leg. With some emergency vet care he is definitely on the mend. Thank you so much Elaine. I am recommending you daily. I hope you are well in your life. Thanks again and blessings, Yvoone




Marmaluke went missing Columbia, MD on May 21, 2018 was found November 27, 2018. Elaine started working with him 10/20/18 after owner used a cat profiler & cameras for several months.

Elaine!  Marmaluke is HOME!!!!  And I owe it all to you for finding where he was hanging out – thank you soooo much!

Long story short: I was able to find out where he was eating (that’s a story in itself J) and I set up a wildlife camera to verify that he was visiting.  Then I set a trap and the first time it was set up, he took the bait, so to speak.

We brought him home on Saturday and I took him to the vet yesterday. Except for some weight loss (to be expected; 1.5 pounds), he got a clean bill of health – not even a flea!

I am thrilled beyond words and I thank God for you and your incredible abilities!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!



·         Backyard_Marmaluke: the backyard where Marmaluke was found – he was feeding at a bowl at the top of the stairs

·         Trap_Marmaluke: the trap setup that captured Marmaluke… on the first try!  J