Elaine DeCarlo - Animal Communicator, Interspecies Life Coach

Psychic Intuitive for Pets & People
Reiki Healer Systems Founder


  It is my profound honor to be a link between you and your beloved pet! 


I am often asked this. Well, animals are communicating with us all the time. The obvious is that which we can see.  That is the physical. Body language, vocalizing and facial expressions.  But they have much more to say on every level.  Just as we do. Mental and Spiritual.  I am able to tune into the animal's essence by putting my mind in an altered state. Then I ask them questions.  What I get back are images, sensations, smells, words and more.  I  also use my innate psychic abilities; but one need not be psychic in order to connect telepathically with animals. Animal's brainwaves are on lower frequencies and we can access their thoughts by lowering our brainwaves to match theirs. I am also fortunate that my grandmothers were both very intuitive, psychic mediums and one was also an animal communicator.  Yes, many people that come from other cultures or those that live close to nature never loose their ability to communicate with all life.  I have been communicating with animals since very early childhood.

This is all about remembering our connections.  I have been extremely fortunate to have had the most beautiful, loving, and giving of all teachers.  My personal beloved pets and the animals that I have come to know.  Each and every animal that I have ever encountered has enriched me in some way with their energies. We all have the innate ability to communicate telepathically.  Animals do all the time with us and each other. And they have the same needs and desires that we do for those around them.  It is my goal to be a connection, a telepathic bridge between people and their pets.

Psychic-Intuitive (Telepathic & Empathic)

I also read for people! I am a psychic-intuitive.  I am telepathic as well as being empathic.  Which means I hear thoughts and 'feel' physical situations in the bodies of others.  Having inherited these traits from both my grandmothers. I have been aware of these abilities for as long as I can remember. I have seen and made predictions about world catastrophes, friends/relatives deaths and have connected with deceased people.  Many times when working with a human and their pet, a crossed over relative will come through as well.  After this happening several times, I have had clients request readings for themselves. So, I am now offering sessions for humans too!

 When working with people, I only do phone consultations. Pricing is the same as when working with animals. 


I have been working in the Mental Health Field over 30 years and hold degrees and certification in the areas of healing, coaching, and counseling.




Only through love is energy facilitated here!

Walk in Peace and with Love in your Heart!
The Animals will then Hear you and you them!