Elaine DeCarlo - Animal Communicator, Interspecies Life Coach

Psychic Intuitive for Pets & People
Reiki Healer Systems Founder

Elaine DeCarlo - M.S. Psychology 


 ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR - Pet Psychic/Intuitive - Interspecies Coach


 Offering healings for Animals and People



Only through love is energy facilitated here!

Walk in Peace and with Love in your Heart!
The Animals will then Hear you and you them!



Attention Webmasters! I do not participate in Link Exchange.  Any such emails is considered spam and will be reported and deleted! No Solicitation and spamming in any form is allowed! This includes, and is not limited to selling products, services, etc.  Also absolutely do not send emails to instigate sign up to groups, forums, etc.  This website is here purely for helping my clients with their beloved pets.

 Please note, I maybe limiting the number of lost pet cases I take on due to volume, each week is different.

Email me if you have questions.

Sessions are done via email and phone consultation for lost pets! 


Email me:



reikiessences@yahoo.com (main email address)

Feel free to email me, I respond quickly; within one hour to my main email address above.

Please do not call my phone, it is only for outgoing calls. I do not receive messages there and will only respond to written requests via email


 It is my profound honor to be a link between you and your beloved pet! 


In the case of missing or lost pets;  unfortunately, no animal communicator or pet psychic can guarantee that your pet will be found.  Each case and animal is different, with different karma and free will!

Even though I am accomplished at helping many, many people being reunited with their beloved pets over the years I, as well, do not make any such claims.







 You may use either PayPal or Money Order for payment.


Please go to my FAQs page for all details about my services.

Thank you!



The information I receive is not always in the same way for each client or session.  It is fluid! It flows!




Please do not send your first email to me asking for help with  detailed information and pictures, etc. That information should only come after I have agreed to work with you.

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