Elaine DeCarlo - Animal Communicator, Interspecies Life Coach

Psychic Intuitive for Pets & People
Reiki Healer Systems Founder


Firstly, trust in your own ability to draw in healing energies from the Universe.  For yourself, your pets and others.

We all are  'healers'.  Prayers, Positive thoughts, Meditation and calling upon the Angels and Archangels for protection and guidance are within each of us.  You have the ability to manifest whatever desired. Just trust in yourself.  Be your own 'guru'..... You control your own destiny with intentions!

Daily chanting and/or meditation will help keep you connected to Spirit and your own path!

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I am also a Facilitator for Lightarian Reiki tm, Lightarian AngelLinks tm,

Lightarian Rays tm, Lightarian Clearing tm Attunements. 

I have worked with cats, dogs, birds, fish, mice/rats, turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, horses, donkeys, deer, squirrels, ferrets, racoons, muscrats, zebras, a few insects ! And of course humans!! 


Only through love is energy facilitated here!


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 Daily Mediation for Deepening Spiritual Awareness & Connection:

I have been meditating daily for many years. I recommend learning this relaxation technique for a better life.

It is not just for relaxation, but also for deepening your Spiritual connection. 

There are many tips on the internet about how to meditate. Here is a very good one.


 How to Meditate for Beginners



 Reiki Healing Session:

One 30 minute Reiki session for People or Pets $50

MODALITIES USED;  Seichem, Violet Flame, Tibetan, Nelion Healing System.


Three Sessions Healing package!

For You or a Pet will be three 30 minute sessions for $90!


see Rosemary Noel and Elisabetta Elliott for even more Reiki and Attunements







 Be sure to contact a trusted reiki teacher when looking for healing work; I cannot stress this enough! On my website are listed individuals I recommend. These individuals I know and have worked with.


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